Sunday, January 27, 2013

My 2012

2012 was an interesting year for me...

--It started off by having to put my dog, Frodo, to rest on January 2. He was an amazing, loyal, and loving pug. He just couldn't breathe anymore. I had to make that hard decision to keep him alive for my own selfish reasons, or release him from his misery. I made the decision on new year's eve, and spent new year's day as our last.
--In March, I started running. With weak ankles, weak knees, and shin splints, it was not easy going. Many times I would twist my ankle and fall flat on my face when I was a mile away from home. My ankles would even give out as I was walking to my car after work. I tried four different knee braces until I found one for each knee. I bought compression sleeves for my calves to help alleviate the shin splints and couldn't even walk without pain if I didn't have them on.
--In August I moved to a new apartment. This was the worst move I have ever even heard of, let alone lived through. I found bed bugs in my old apartment just two days before I moved, and, of course, they moved with me. I spent six weeks sleeping on the floor while everything I owned stayed in the detached garage to be washed, dried, sprayed, and bug bombed. By the end, I had completely maxed out my credit card from all the supplies and regular moving expenses.
--In September I started RCIA - the Rite of Catholic Initiation for Adults. I was really excited to learn about my faith, but as the classes went on I realized I wasn't really learning all that much. The information was so basic that I either already knew it, or it just left me wanting to know more.
--For Thanksgiving, I went to visit my Grandma and her husband, Dab. I was very happy to see them, and I also got to see my Grandad who I haven't seen in 8 years. But my Grandma can be rather controlling and the trip ended with me telling them my flight was leaving 3 hours earlier than it was, just so I could have some peace.
--I woke up Christmas morning with a bad head cold and, after Skyping with my family, stayed in bed and watched Bones the rest of the day. My Christmas dinner was a Stouffer's Frozen Entree.
--On December 30, my Grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Was there anything positive that happened in 2012? Yes.

--Although I miss Frodo, I still have my cat and I am thankful for her.
--After finding the right braces and accessories, I was able to run/walk three 5k's last year and I inspired my family and friends to start running as well. I was able to visit my family in September and we all ran a 5k together. That was such a wonderful experience and I loved having my family running with me that day. My mom has run two 5k's now and my sister has run four.
--Even though the move was horrible, I now live in a wonderful, clean, and happy environment. I have a new roommate who I get along with really well, and my complex has a free gym, hot tub, sauna, continental breakfast on Sundays, movie theater, ping pong, billiards, beach, lake, tennis courts, and four swimming pools.
--I was paired with a wonderful sponsor in RCIA who agreed that the classes were lacking. Not only have we become friends outside of class, but she got permission to teach her own private class to me and my friend so that we can learn and ask questions and continue to grow in our faith.
--Even though my Grandma can be difficult, I am very glad I went to see them. Family is important and I am glad I took the time to visit.
--Although I was sick on Christmas, it was really great to Skype with my family and they gave me wonderful gifts. My parents paid for a plane ticket so that my sister could come visit earlier in December. We had a FANTASTIC time while we ate at Carrabba's every day she was here, played games, watched movies, painted pottery, and just enjoyed being together. My parents also came to visit in early December and we had a wonderful time as well.

We're already 27 days into 2013. My Grandma's husband, Dab, passed away on the 14th. My Grandfather with cancer went into the E.R. on the 14th and had major surgery on the 24th. Because of big events at work and classes starting up, I've already earned three days of comp time this month. But, I got to see Dab less than two months before he passed and I got to tell him I loved him over the phone just hours before he died. My Grandfather is very strong and is doing extremely well after surgery, and my mom is able to spend a month out there with him. My sister will be moving in a few weeks to where my Grandfather is and although work is crazy, my boss wouldn't hesitate to give me time off to help her move and to visit my grandparents.

For every negative thing I just mentioned there was a positive side as well. You may not see the positive for a while, but it will show up eventually. I have many goals for 2013 and I don't want to let one step back eliminate all future steps forward. By focusing on the negative things, it makes it very easy to quit. 2013 is not going to be easy. LIFE isn't easy. But don't let that get in your way. Take the bad, find the good, and just keep going.

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.
-Albert Camus

Don't just make a resolution. Make a positive change.