Monday, May 3, 2010

My Music

This passion I have inside of me is so strong. It fills every cell, every fiber. It makes me feel so alive. It makes by blood race through my veins. It makes my heart beat faster. It makes my stomach flip. It makes me close my eyes and let it's waves of beauty flow over me. It give me chills in my toes. It makes me move. It makes me stop. It makes me feel with all my senses. I feel it in my skin and in my blood. It overwhelms me. It directs me. This is beauty. This is passion. The sounds, the colors. The touches and smells. This is music. This is music as I know it.


  1. comment did not post.
    if we would all know such passion, and then live the passion, what a wonderful world it would be! You are living in, flowing with, being consumed by your gift. You are blessed!

  2. I miss you too, sweetie. I wish I was coming out with your mom next week. We will come out together soon. Love, Dad.