Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Saturday

I told my mom once, I think there are more dogs in Colorado. She replied, maybe people here just walk their dogs more. I've never known a city to be so active. Everyone is always outdoors: playing, riding, walking, jogging. Pedestrians always have the right of way (I think this goes for the entire state) and there are so many cyclists that they have their own lane. The sky is nearly always blue, it hardly ever rains, and the clouds change shape every few minutes. This city has 39 parks, 4 lakes, and a 5 mile long trail that runs along the river. It has dog parks, recreation centers, public pools, and gelato sold in almost every shop (to counteract the activeness of our city).
Today is Saturday. And what a glorious Saturday it is. This morning I took my pug to the dog park where he ignored every dog he saw and stayed right by my side, wondering why I was forcing him to interact with any species besides homosapien. I gave this up after a while, dropped him off at my apartment, and went to one of my town's many parks by myself. My park of choice is really just a big yard. No, it's not the yard for someone's mansion, it really is a park. It even has a paved trail around it's borders, although the park is rather circular in shape so I wonder if you can get dizzy if you run around it enough times. It also has one large shelter that is used for concerts and jazz festivals. But for the most part, it's just one big, green, grassy yard. I brought my book, walked past the trail and into the yard a few feet, laid on the ground and read. There were times back home when I would go to the lake and lay in the grass to read, but I got a lot of strange stares, and only did it a few times before I gave up. The thing about this place is, I wasn't the only one. There were six or seven people scattered around the "yard." Laying down or sitting, reading or sleeping or otherwise just thinking. Some were in the shade of large tree, enjoying the light breeze. Others wanted to soak up the sun and delight in its warmth. On top of that, people would walk to the park from their houses with their dogs or friends, and just, walk. Around the park. Just for the joy of being outside. I saw five or six people who came there to jog and exercise (I never got a chance to ask them if they ever got dizzy). There's nothing special about this park. You can barely even see the mountains above the trees. Why are these people leaving their couches and going to this bland park? Now you may be thinking, duh? This is what people do, right? They go to a park to be outdoors, to enjoy the weather, to play with their dogs. Yes, I agree. But this town, this rather small town, has 39 parks. It needs 39 parks to satisfy all its outdoorsy residents. 1500 acres of parks and open space.
It's no wonder I've changed since I've moved here. How can you not change when you see all these people enjoying their lives so much? How can you not change when you actually take the time to stop and smell the roses? Or in my case, stop to feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. My mom got me a mug the other day. (I happen to love mugs for those of you who don't know) This one said, "Do what you like. Like what you do." And I had to ask myself, why not? Why not go out and do what you love? Why not enjoy each sunny day? Why not stop to listen to the rustling of the leaves? To the birds singing? Why not climb a mountain? Why not travel to new places? Why not get up and explore this beautiful world we live in?
Someone once said, "The present is yours. Do with it what you will." Don't settle for anything less than your true potential, and always take time to enjoy the sunshine.


  1. I am so happy for you! It makes me want to move out there so that I can be active and fabulous like you ;-) I hope that maybe some of your fabulousness will rub off on me and I can learn from your experiences. Mom and Dad had a higher brain living presentation at their house last night and he was saying that if we live in our fear section (i cannot remember the correct scientific name for it at the moment but it was colored red on the chart and it was on the bottom towards the back nearish to the brain stem) that we don't ever get to experience the good things in life, like the sunshine, stopping and smelling the roses, we make the same mistakes out of fear repeating them and running around in circles (i would imagine dizziness would soon follow :-)). It sounds like CO is opening up your frontal lobe :-)

  2. I am a park person as well. I am in a park at least 3 times a week for extended periods of time. Other days, I find myself riding my bike through parks even if they are slightly out of my way to get to my eventual destination. Enjoy!

  3. oh, Annie. you are making salivate to live out there. What an amazing picture you painted. I was with you every minute. Your blog is the call of Colorado to my soul. Thank you for your courage to live, as Becca said, from your higher brain - that part which causes us to love, and feel joy, to make plans for our future and move into that future that we truly desire! Your courage and then your sharing of experiences is an inspiration!

  4. This blog made me so happy, Annie! You are in a very unique place in life right now and I'm so happy that you get to be surrounded by such beauty as well!

    I wanna come visit! When I'm not writing papers. . .